George Lopez- White Reactions to Latinos

It is interesting to note that Lopez speaks on behalf of the White audience members in the audience in a way that projects certain racist overtones. For examples, by saying “The guy next to me looks like he does dry-wall…” Lopez suggests that the White audience members accept the stereotype that Latinos are construction workers. The statement which follows that says “I am assuming that they are all gang related” makes little sense syntactically. Nonetheless, while there is a lack of transition between the topics, this second statement assumes that the White audience members believe that the Latino audience members are all gang members. This understanding comes as one recognizes that while the first statement refers directly to “the guy next to me”, the second statements uses the pronoun “they” when speaking about being gang related. If the White audience members were actually saying these things, they would be called racists, but since Lopez is speaking for them, the words seem to be hedged from claims of racism. Through this style-shift from Chicano English to a hyper-anglicized accent, Lopez is allowed to comment on perceived stereotypes and acknowledge their existence without being seen as over-sensitive to the stereotypes

The section from 2:40-3:20 seems to transition from this reaction to the next section where George Lopez speaks about former President George W. Bush. He uses this time to build a ground to introduce the catch phrase of the next section “Fuck That Puto” or “FTP”. The word “puto” ([SPAN]) is one that either refers to homosexuals, cowards, or is the equivalent of the word “bitch” in English. In the case that follows regarding Bush, the latter two definitions are likely to be the case.


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